Creation Guidelines

Creating games really fun and easy to do.

However, there are a few guidelines to help ensure your quiz is accepted by the editors. When creating your games please make sure they are as accurate as possible, enjoyable, and well written.

The 3 main types of games are:
  • Quizzes. Input the answers into the boxes and select the correct answer.
  • Anagram. Players have to sort the letters in the right order to form the word. Enter the letters that form the word before the time is over
  • Hangman. An innocent man is going to be hanged. Guess the letters that are missing

Netgamix does not guarantee that all submitted quizzes will be placed online. Please be aware some quizzes submitted may be edited, modified or deleted by our editorial staff at any time.

Also, we only accept quizzes in English and Spanish at the moment.

Remember let creativity be your challenge and create the best game you can!

We look forward to playing your games!