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Netgamix is the multimedia trivia platform where anybody can play games about their favorites topics like "The Beatles",
"The Lord of the Rings" or "Michael Jordan" and compete with users all around the world.
But Netgamix is not only about playing, you can also create your own trivia games in just five minutes using videos from Youtube or any image available on the Internet and then share it with your friends in Twitter or Facebook.

Let's start playing!

Company Timeline

2010 Sep- The project Netgamix begins
2011 Feb- Launch Beta Version
2011 Jun- SBC Alumni
2011 Sep- Launch Netgamix 1.0
2011 Nov - Launch FanHunter Quiz Show
2011 Dec - Launch a Tuenti app
Press Releases

Dec 2011 - Netgamix incluye sus juegos de preguntas en Tuenti
Nov 2011 - Fanhunter lanza un torneo para premiar a sus fans
Oct 2011 - Netgamix doubled his community in sixty days
Users are saying...

Netgamix is an amazing initiative. I am having a blast! - Leslie Adams
The tournament I created at Netgamix has been a success. I'll definetely do something else with these guys in the future! - Cels Pinol
The Netgamix's customer service have been excellent during the tournament. - Javier Flores
I am the best! you can go to Netgamix and check it! - Timothy Basham
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Netgamix Inc
200 S. Wacker Dr
Floor 15th
Chicago, IL 60606
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