Everybody is an expert in a topic, or at least he thinks he is!

Don't you remember arguing with a friend about who was that actor, from who was originally that song or who was the coach when your team won the league? I am sure you know what I mean! For
us it was the same!

You could think we are a bunch of nice and fun people, and well, I wouldn't say we are not XD.
However, we are also tough competitors! We started Netgamix as a way to challenge each others
in the topics. Before Netgamix we used to shoot each other trivia questions to figure out
who was the wiser, but it was though! Now with Netgamix we can play trivia quizzes anytime we
want, we have an awesome ranking and we can even use videos and images to ask more complicated questions.

So here it is! this is the webpage where you can prove your expertize!

We hope you find in Netgamix a place where you can have your daily break playing trivia games about your favorite topic or finding new interesting facts.
Besides it is really easy for you to create your own games. Just think about some questions, add some youtube videos and pictures and you are ready to start challenging your friends. Don't let them boast anymore! They know nothing!

We hope you enjoy playing, and remember: "alea iacta est"!

Keep in touch,

The Netgamix Team.
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